Pricing Your Product

You’ve figured out your product, packaging, and where you’d like to sell – but how much should you sell it for? What’s realistic, given the cost of materials and labor, but also competitive within your market? Veteran jeweler Barbara Smith McLaughlin will lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself when pricing your […]

How to Keep Customers Engaged

Now that you’ve figured out how to reach new customers, how do you keep them coming back? Learn methods for enticing your customer base to remain loyal & repeat, from regular email blasts about new products, discount and sales tactics, how often to publish newsletters and blog posts, and more. This class will be team-taught […]

How to Market Your Business on Social Media with Bob Cargill

Sit in any lobby, waiting room, train or plane and you’ll realize: almost everyone is looking down, scrolling on their phones. A professional social media presence is more important for small businesses than ever, as more customers look to discover and engage virtually and instantaneously. A robust social media presence allows businesses to quickly and […]

How to Frame

Last month, instructor Rebecca M. Fullerton covered the online techniques for putting your professional face forward. While the web is a certainly place to start, as an artist, your professionalism has to extend beyond your digital presence and to your physical portfolio itself. Frames are the finishing touch for your work, and they can make […]

Looking At Your Google Analytics

Learn How to Read Google Analytics

In the online world, understanding Google Analytics is everything. With the guidance of marketing professional (and WREN Executive Director!) Pam Sullivan, course participants will learn the basic of what Google Analytics is, why it’s important, and how to interpret reports that are vital to your business’ success. Learn how to build a dashboard. Analyze compiled […]

Putting Your Professional Face Forward

Putting Your Professional Face Forward

Sometimes, artists can find it hard to reconcile their need for creative freedom alongside the demands of being a profitable small business owner. How do you put your professional face forward while never losing those elements that make you uniquely YOU? In this online course, participants are invited to join accomplished local artist Rebecca M. […]

Pinterest For Your Small Business

Pinterest Logo

Interested in Pinterest? This class is a must! Join marketing professional Julia White, and learn how to create and optimize a Pinterest Business profile, including embracing best practices and showing off your brand and personality in fun, engaging ways. Whether you’ve been wondering how to develop a content strategy, organize your Pinterest board, understand and […]

A Quick Look at QuickBooks

Quickbooks Desktop

You’ve heard that QuickBooks is a must for you small business, but how do you get started? During this 1.5-hour online course, instructor Deb Loughnane will introduce class participants to the basics of QuickBooks. From entering an invoice and paying bills to setting up a chart of accounts and cutting checks, this course is designed […]