Grant Opportunities

Whether you are thinking about starting a business or want to grow or expand your existing business, you can apply for a microenterprise grant and receive the following benefits.

For more than fifteen years, hundreds of emerging and established WREN business owners have received support in growing their enterprises, thanks to Community Development Block Grant dollars. Funding for this program flows from HUD to the CDFA to Grafton County and then to WREN. Each year we receive funds to assist fifty businesses. As long as a business owner meets our program guidelines, she/he may receive up to three years of free assistance.

Selection for this program depends on three factors: the likelihood that the emerging or established business will grow its earnings and jobs over time, as well as family size and income. As an example of these last two factors, a single person currently living in Grafton County would be eligible if their annual income is less than $40,900.

Eligible business owners receive the following assistance:

  • A free annual WREN Business or Retail Vendor membership, valued at $75
  • Free enrollment in all WREN’s business development classes
  • Free one-on-one assistance from WREN staff and consultants

In return for this support, participants are expected to annually share data on their business income and expenses for the prior year, current number of employees, total wages, salaries or owner’s draw paid in the prior year, and total business loans taken in the current year.

Are you interested in WREN’s CDBG Microenterprise Grant Program? See if you might be eligible! 

  1. Download the appropriate Family Income Verification Form for your county.
  2. Download the CDBG Recipient Intake Form and Survey 2020.
  3. Print and fill out each document in its entirety, including a handwritten signature and date.
  4. Scan both documents and e-mail them to [email protected].

We can’t wait to work with you!

We look forward to working with you! For more information, please contact WREN’s Marketing & Operations Manager at [email protected].