Zuni Fetishes

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A fetish is a Native American carving believed to have special power. Many Native American tribes create and use fetishes, of which the most renowned fetish carvers are the Zuni tribe, who call themselves Asiwi (Ah-she-wee). A Zuni fetish, or wemawe, is a carved object of an animal or revered god. Zuni fetishes have been used for many purposes: to enable hunters to catch game, to make game more plentiful, and also for curing ceremonies. Fetishes may protect individuals as well as the community. The Zuni believe that animals are more like the deities and have more power than man. The Zuni also believe that both practical and spiritual power reside in their fetishes.
There are two major groupings of fetishes:
Protective or healing animals: The Mountain Lion, The Bear, The Badger, The Wolf, The Eagle, The Mole
Hunting and prey animals: The Mountain Lion, The Coyote, The Bobcat, The Wolf, The Eagle, The Mole

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Zuni Fetishes

Wolf Zuni Fetish