“Modern Arctolatry”


original acrylic on panel, 24″ x 24″,

The title “Modern Arctolatry” means “bear worship” — a phrase I found when reading about bears (which I often do). 

Apparently, there were many ancient cultures around the globe that recognized bears as holy beings worthy of reverence. And I totally agree! This bear is one I paint over and over again trying to capture its essence and beauty and mystery. It’s based on a bear I met in Minnesota where I got to hang out with wild black bears at a workshop given by the North American Bear Center. Ever since I looked a bear in the eye and had them look back at me, I have felt this profound connection with them. I have since gone on to spend time with wild grizzly bears in British Columbia and polar bears in Manitoba Canada. 

I can’t pronounce it, but I am definitely a practitioner of Modern Arctolatry.

-Rosemary Conroy

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