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How are you celebrating spring so far? While it seems like we can’t count on the weather lately, we’re keeping sunny days in mind as we reset our store displays and schedule outside adventures around all of our latest online classes. This is the time of year where we really start cranking it into high gear and getting creative; we hope you’re feeling that burst of inspiration too!  WREN vendor members, are your working on any thing new? WREN community members, have you stopped by to say hello lately? To our Business members – have you taken a look at our new Member Directory page? This week, we invite all of you to reach out to WREN in your own way. Come visit the Gallery for the last week of “Winter in the Whites”, say “hi” on social media, or email us to clear out those nagging questions that have been taking up space in the back of your mind. While we are a very busy team of two, we will always make time for you!  This week, we have more exciting news about another WREN member, a special sale on all Granite State Candy Shoppe items, and three engaging online classes (including a FREE information session for our Spring Small Business Series, “Seedling to Start Up”).  Local Works Marketplace and the Gallery at WREN will be closed Easter Sunday, so all of you weekend shoppers, be sure to come in on Saturday! See you soon…

Seedling to Start Up Online Class


  • Date: 3/29/21
  • Time: 6-7:30pm
  • Fee: $35 for nonmembers/$25 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients
  • Pre-recorded (non-interactive) version of class also available on request ($25 for nonmembers/$15 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients)

In this follow up to “A Quick Look at QuickBooks”, instructor Deb Loughnane will take participants through more common QuickBooks questions. From how to approach preparing a financial statement to payroll, budgets, and bank statements, this online course is designed for participants who have either attended “A Quick Look at QuickBooks” or are familiar with QuickBooks basics. 
During the second half of class, Deb will hold a question-and-answer session to tackle more of your personalized QuickBooks queries. Class participants are also invited to email up to two days prior to the start of class so that the instructor may shape her curriculum to class needs. 
Would you like to sign up for “A Longer Look at QuickBooks”? 
If you do not have some basic knowledge of QuickBooks, it is highly recommended that participants view Deb’s previous online class, “A Quick Look at QuickBooks”. A recording of this class is available for purchase at CDBG grant recipients may access this recording free of charge. Please contact for more information. 

SPRING SMALL BUSINESS SERIES “Seedling to Start Up” Information Session:“Introduction to the Accelerated Business/Product Development Process: A Roadmap for Business Development” (ONLINE CLASS HOSTED VIA ZOOM)

  • Instructor: Mary Secor
  • Date: 3/30/21
  • Time: 6-6:45pm
  • FREE informational session

Most business development classes encourage participants to focus on writing a business plan. “Seedling to Start Up” takes a unique approach to business/product development by providing you a roadmap to imagine, test, develop and launch or relaunch your business or product idea. To learn more about this series attend the information session on Zoom. During this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the facilitator and other participants.
  • Learn more about course content, organization, learning objectives and expectations.
  • Identify each stage of the Accelerated Busines/Product Development Process.
  • Select the stage that is most relevant to you and your proposed business or product idea.

All of these online classes, as well as class recordings and opportunities for 1:1 technical assistance, are free for CDBG grant recipients and discounted for all WREN members! 
Learn more about WREN’s CDBG Microenterprise Grant Program here:
Rediscover you WREN membership benefits (or become a WREN member!) here:

Getting Creative with Canva Part II: Critique” ONLINE CLASS HOSTED VIA ZOOM
 Instructor: James ClattenburgDate: 3/31/21Time: 6-7:30pmFee: $35 for nonmembers/$25 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipientsPre-recorded (non-interactive) version of class also available on request ($25 for nonmembers/$15 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients)
You’ve taken “Getting Creative with Canva Part I”. Now, it’s time for critique! Class participants are invited to bring their latest Canva designs to class for instructor and peer review. Hear about what’s working and what’s missing, and learn the next steps to take for a final design that wows
Participants are required to send their design file(s) to two days prior to the start of class. This will give the instructor time to review each design and provide feedback during the live critique. 
Would you like to sign up for “Getting Creative with Canva Part II: Critique”? Attending “Getting Creative with Canva Part I” is a prerequisite for registration. If you didn’t have a chance to make it WREN’s live class, a class recording is available for purchase at CDBG grant recipients may access this recording free of charge. Please contact for more information.
Did you know we also offer recordings for previous classes? Visit the “Classes On Demand” tab on our website to catch up on content that you might have missed out on the first time around! 
Featured Online Item of the Week

Don’t wait for the Easter bunny to stop by your house – we have beautiful, bounteous bundles of jelly beans, speckled egg malted milk balls, and wrapped milk chocolate eggs from Granite State Candy Shoppe, and they are all 20% off through Saturday, 4/3! 

Let’s make this holiday an all local one, y’all.  Offer available in-store only.Local Works Marketplace & the Gallery at WREN will be closed Easter Sunday. 

See more about CDBG

Another one of our WREN members is making an appearance on NH Chronicle! 
Daryl Hawk, whose work is currently on display in the Gallery at WREN as part of our “Winter in the Whites” exhibit, will be featured on WMUR on Wednesday, April 7that 7pm. This special NH Chronicle will explore Daryl’s amazing background as a world traveler and photographer, and highlight some of his most beloved images.  WREN members, show your support for one of the newest additions to our growing community, and tune in to WMUR for this fantastic feature. Way to go, Daryl!

“Daisies and Devils” original pastel by Dianne Taylor Moore


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