This Week at WREN 3/8/21


How was your Easter? 

After a week spent moving wall art all around the store and prepping for the WRENovation of our Gallery space, we were more than ready for a mini break this past Sunday. It gave us time to take a few deep breaths, rest up, and get ready for a fruitful month ahead. 

From even more online classes to all kinds of Gallery hubbub, our April is one packed with long-awaited plans finally taking root and flourishing. 

There’s so much to talk about, so start scrolling! 

Seedling to Start Up Online Class
Managing Your Online Reviews(ONLINE CLASS HOSTED VIA ZOOM)
Instructor: Tom LaneDate: 4/5/21Time: 6-7:30pmFee: $35 for nonmembers/$25 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipientsPre-recorded (non-interactive) version of class also available on request ($25 for nonmembers/$15 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients)
Google My Business. Bing. Yelp. TripAdvisor. Chances are, if you’re looking to try something new, you’re scrolling through quite a few online reviews. The same can be said of your potential customers! During this 1.5-hr online class, instructor Tom Lane will outline the different digital platforms available for managing consumer reviews, as well as the best practices for responding to upset customers and crafting tactics for appeal. By the end of this Zoom session, participants will come away prepared to tackle one of the most essential components of their business’ online presence. 

Part I: Imagining or Reinventing Your Business or Product Idea During a Pandemic (ONLINE CLASS HOSTED VIA ZOOM)
Instructor: Mary SecorDate: 4/6/21Time: 6-7:30pmFee: $35 for nonmembers/$25 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipientsPre-recorded (non-interactive) version of class also available on request ($25 for nonmembers/$15 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients)
The pandemic has forced small business owners and entrepreneurs to continually adapt and respond to changing COVID restrictions and external conditions. In this session, you will learn how to conduct an initial assessment and develop a new business or product idea under rapidly changing conditions. By the end of this session, you will be able to:
Conduct an initial assessment of key areas of your business or product idea.Develop operating assumptions about the future based on changing or emerging conditions.Imagine the future state of their business/product idea.

All of these online classes, as well as class recordings and opportunities for 1:1 technical assistance, are free for CDBG grant recipients and discounted for all WREN members! 
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“The Musts of Email Marketing” (ONLINE CLASS HOSTED VIA ZOOM)
Instructor: Julia WhiteDate: 4/8/21Time: 6-7:30pmFee: $35 for nonmembers/$25 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipientsPre-recorded (non-interactive) version of class also available on request ($25 for nonmembers/$15 for WREN members/$0 for CDBG grant recipients)
Do you have a plan for your email marketing? While it might seem as simple as hitting “send”, there’s a lot that goes into making email marketing work for you. During this 1.5-hour online class, instructor Julia White will show class participants how to select an email marketing platform/provider, grow, organize and segment their email lists, promote their newsletters, and develop campaigns that extend from an initial welcome email to an ongoing schedule. How do you find your voice and craft the right subject line? What are the best ways to take advantage of the latest email marketing statistics (like target open rates and best times to send) and make them work for your business? Find out in “The Musts of Email Marketing”. 
Did you know we also offer recordings for previous classes? Visit the “Classes On Demand” tab on our website to catch up on content that you might have missed out on the first time around! 
Featured Online Item of the Week

“Can’t See the Forest for the Trees”, acrylic on canvas…Michele Johnsen
See more about CDBG

We gave you a little hint in our salutations, but here’s the full scoop: the Gallery at WREN is getting a mini makeover! 

Those white painted walls have held some gorgeous, weighty pieces over the years, and we have the dings, holes, and scrapes to prove it. Throughout the month of April, we will be hard at work refreshing the Gallery, including patching, repainting, and generally making sure the walls stay strong for many years to come. 
To get you through this gap in our Gallery schedule, we have reorganized a huge amount of wall art in the store! If you haven’t stopped by Local Works Marketplace in a while, April is the month to do so. Discover some fresh perspectives (and fresh finds for your home) and hold on tight for our next Gallery show in May and June. It will be well worth the wait!

Many thanks to the Adair Country Inn & Restaurant, our Gallery sponsor, 
for making this immense project a possibility. “Winter in the Whites” 
will remain on display in the Adair through May 6th. 

While it’s still a month or so out, we wanted to get the word out early on this one….come see “COLOR!” in the Gallery at WREN! 

Our latest exhibition, featuring the work of Pam Tarbell and Ann Saunderson, will be on display May 7-June 28. 

Keep an eye on our social media (@wrenworksnh) for sneak peaks of the show. “COLOR!” going to transform the Gallery in a sea of bold and brilliant hues, and we couldn’t think of a better kick off for the bright months ahead of us. 


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The Adair Country Inn & Restaurant is the official sponsor of the Gallery at WREN.

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