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We like to think of the iPhone camera as one of the most powerful tools a small business owner can own; with it, you can take photos to fill your online store, show off your social media skills, and capture the interest of new customers like never before. But how to use it best? During this 1-hr online course, photographer Doug Weisman will break down the ins and outs of product photography, all while utilizing your iPhone camera to its full capabilities. Should you shoot in the studio or on location? What are the basic rules of composition, and what about in-camera editing techniques? Whether this is your first time using an iPhone or you’ve just been making do for the last few years, Doug will provide precise, user-friendly techniques to ensure that your iPhone photos have an edge in the online marketplace. 

Instructor Bio:  

Doug Weisman is an accomplished photographer, cinematographer and director of photography.  His 40+ year career included production for major world-wide news organizations, documentaries, and a wide variety of corporate programming.

In the past several years Doug has traveled extensively with his cameras, exploring regions less touristy, and rich with imagery of people, places and activity off the beaten path.  His photography has been shown in several shows through the Northeast and published in a variety of publications.

Doug and his wife, Julie, live in Franconia with their two Siberian huskies.

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