Women’s Programs

Since its inception, WREN has been a source of economic support and business mentorship for women in the North Country. From our Grant programs to our Local Works Marketplace, WREN provides both community and guidance. Though our programs, gallery, and store have been open to individuals of all gender identities for some time, WREN still focuses on ways to better the lives and livelihoods of women in the North Country.

Women’s Work Initiative

Born out of a Coos County Directors Network report on the state of childcare in northern New Hampshire, Women’s Work is a WREN initiative that seeks to better understand the systemic influences in rural New Hampshire that perpetuate the gender wage-gap and lower the earning power of women with children in the North Country.

Once these influences are identified and analyzed, our goal is to develop and pilot solutions that eliminate systemic barriers and build new pathways for higher earning and long-term financial success for North Country families.

The expected outcomes of this initiative are three-fold:

1) Bring more women with children back into the North Country’s workforce.

2) Increase the median income of women with children in the North Country.

3) Reduce the number of women with children living in poverty in the North Country.

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