Workshops are provided free of charge and are open to all tweens and teens. Workshops are held in WREN’s lower level. 

Our goal is to empower North Country youth and encourage creative expression, peer respect and community collaboration.

About Wings 2.0

In 1995, WREN launched a program which organized workshops and trips for North Country girls intended to build their confidence, provide a safe space for self-expression, and introduce the girls to the world outside the North Country. The program was called WINGS: Women Invested in Nurturing Girls’ Success.

As a result of our Women’s Work initiative findings, and as part of WREN’s commitment to providing programming for the entire community, WREN has launched an updated version of the WINGS program. Now known as Wings 2.0, this program provides enriching and empowering activities and opportunities for local adolescents of all gender identities. We believe that by amplifying our children’s voices, we reinforce their inherent value to the community, and empower them to share their unique worldviews, now and throughout their lives. Empowered kids have the ability to make a better future for themselves and their communities.