Join us this fall for more creative and empowering activities for kids ages 10 and up!

Our FREE fall workshop series will culminate in a Wings 2.0 presentation in the Gallery at WREN on Sunday, November 19th at 1:00 pm. Participants are encouraged to present their work at this free community event. 

Workshops are provided free of charge and are open to all tweens and teens. Workshops will be held at WREN on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 3-5 pm in WREN’s lower level. Class sizes are limited, so please sign up early.

We have two workshop series this fall: 

Zine Workshop: Thursdays September 21st, October 19th, and November 16th from 3-5 pm

What are zines? Zines are homemade magazines with your own stories, art, comics, photography, poetry, collage- anything that can be printed on paper. Zine making traditionally amplifies marginalized voices, such as the zines of the Riot Grrrl movement of the early ‘90s. Zines are traditionally photocopied together, and can be distributed as the maker chooses. 

In this workshop series, we will make our own zines. We can also make a group zine if there is interest. Participants should bring stories, poems, drawings, etc. to incorporate into their zines, or they can create content at the workshop. Come to one workshop or all of them. 

Register for the series here

Don’t worry if you can’t make all three workshops- just let Julia know which ones you can make.

Craft Workshop: Tuesdays September 19th, October 10th, and November 14th from 3-5 pm

We had so much fun doing craft workshops this summer! Our fall craft workshops will feature a variety of hands-on activities- exact crafts TBD. Come to one workshop or all of them. Wear clothes that can get dirty! 

Register for the series here

Don’t worry if you can’t make all three workshops- just let Julia know which ones you can make.

About Wings 2.0

In 1995, WREN launched a program which organized workshops and trips for North Country girls intended to build their confidence, provide a safe space for self-expression, and introduce the girls to the world outside the North Country. The program was called WINGS: Women Invested in Nurturing Girls’ Success.

As a result of our Women’s Work initiative findings, and as part of WREN’s commitment to providing programming for the entire community, WREN has launched an updated version of the WINGS program that is open to tweens and teens of all gender identities. Our goal is to empower North Country youth and encourage creative expression, peer respect and community collaboration.

The mission of Wings 2.0 is to amplify marginalized voices and reinforce to local adolescents their inherent value to our community — and the world.