Polly-@$%&!-anna by Matthew Keating


Pollyanna is a cadaver recovery specialist for the Northcountry Mountain Rescue Team. Her parents were members of a group of outdoor intellectuals, lead by the enigmatic Wolfgang Schroeder. Observing increased disappearances among hikers in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Pollyanna seeks a pattern, knowing somehow that Gray Littleton, a local man of means, is at the heart of the mystery. Schroeder, having left her a series of clues within his old notebooks, disappears, leaving her his home, his property, and all of his possessions. Pollyanna examines these clues with her more rational partner, Peter. They are lead to the scattered participants of her parents’ former group and still further clues. Pollyanna is introduced to Winchester Kelly, a recluse, living in backcountry mountain camps, and Gorbert Greene, a wealthy shut-in who purchased a dilapidated hotel on Northcountry’s historic Main Street that he has made his home. Both men were friends of her parents. The Natural world and the human world become blurred as Pollyanna and Peter get closer to truths about murder, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the checkered history of Northcountry, its inhabitants and their disappearances.

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