QuickBooks for Creatives

QuickBooks is an incredibly useful tool for managing your small business’ finances, but it can be intimidating to get started! Accountant Deb Loughnane will lead you through the basics of QuickBooks for desktop, from entering an invoice and paying bills to setting up a chart of accounts and cutting checks. Learn simple accounting techniques that […]

Marketing Yourself as an Artist with Rebecca Fullerton

Presenting yourself as a professional artist includes more than just the artistic process – you have to market yourself as well. But how? Professional artist and archivist Rebecca M. Fullerton will teach tips for writing a compelling artist statement, managing your website and archives so that you stay organized, maintaining an engaging social media presence, […]

Understanding Your Google Analytics

If you have a website, it’s essential you understand how visitors get there and what they do once they’re on it. Google Analytics is a powerful tool in understanding your customer’s interaction with your online presence. Instructor Pam Sullivan will teach you to create a Google Analytics account, sync it with your website, and interpret […]

Pricing Your Product

You’ve figured out your product, packaging, and where you’d like to sell – but how much should you sell it for? What’s realistic, given the cost of materials and labor, but also competitive within your market? Veteran jeweler Barbara Smith McLaughlin will lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself when pricing your […]

How to Keep Customers Engaged

Now that you’ve figured out how to reach new customers, how do you keep them coming back? Learn methods for enticing your customer base to remain loyal & repeat, from regular email blasts about new products, discount and sales tactics, how often to publish newsletters and blog posts, and more. This class will be team-taught […]

How to Maximize SEO

What is SEO anyway? Search Engine Optimization is something that’s thrown around a lot in marketing conversations, but how do you achieve it? What needs to happen to your website content behind the scenes so that search engines such as Google can discover your photos and posts? Web developer and SEO expert Tom Lane will […]

How to Use and Maximize Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten an Instagram or Facebook ad that is a little too perfect. How can you use those same algorithms to advertise your product to your ideal customers? Learn the best ways to advertise on social media, from which demographics to target, which geographic areas to concentrate on, how much money […]

How to Create Visual Content on Social Media with Bob Cargill

Now that you know some tips to develop your social media presence, what types of content do you share with your audience? These online communication channels are perfect for sharing photos and hyping new products, but a blurry image or lackluster video can undermine the credibility of what you have to offer. Social media marketing […]

How to Market Your Business on Social Media with Bob Cargill

Sit in any lobby, waiting room, train or plane and you’ll realize: almost everyone is looking down, scrolling on their phones. A professional social media presence is more important for small businesses than ever, as more customers look to discover and engage virtually and instantaneously. A robust social media presence allows businesses to quickly and […]

How to Use Canva for Digital & Print Marketing

Canva Logo

Of all the design programs out there, Canva is easily one of our favorites. It’s quick, intuitive, and designed with the average user in mind. You don’t necessarily have to know any of the design software like Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop. With Canva, you can use their pre-made templates and elements, and even import your […]

How to Build & Edit Content For Your Website

Now that you’ve got your website planned out, and you’ve figured out how to use SEO to your advantage, it’s time to actually create your website. Web Developer Tom Lane will cover website platforms, creating sections, easy ways to change and edit your content, how to upload and schedule blog posts, and more.

How to Plan Your Website

Planning the frame of your website is key to creating a web presence that is both functional for you and for your customer. What sections do you need? Which ones are unnecessary to your website goals? Do you need an online store? Or would a simple “gallery” section suffice? Are you prepared to devote the […]

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

If there is one challenge all new, emerging, or established entrepreneurs and small business owners have in common is determining how to best use their limited resources (whether its time, money, expertise or help) to establish and grow their business. This online course is designed to help you to identify and prioritize your marketing efforts […]

How to Frame

Last month, instructor Rebecca M. Fullerton covered the online techniques for putting your professional face forward. While the web is a certainly place to start, as an artist, your professionalism has to extend beyond your digital presence and to your physical portfolio itself. Frames are the finishing touch for your work, and they can make […]

Pinterest Part II

Pinterest Logo

Now that you’ve taken “Pinterest for Your Small Business”, it’s time to pinpoint your next steps. What are some notable do’s and don’ts? How can you utilize Pinterest as another shopping portal? In this 1.5-hour online class, instructor Julia White will outline all the ways to optimize your Pinterest page, including making post descriptions with […]

Getting Creative with Canva Part I: Design

Canva Logo

Of all the design programs out there, Canva is easily one of our favorites. It’s quick, intuitive, and designed with the average user in mind. If you’ve been looking for easy ways to incorporate graphics into your digital or print presence, this is the class for you! During this 1.5-hour introductory online class, instructor James […]