How to Frame

Last month, instructor Rebecca M. Fullerton covered the online techniques for putting your professional face forward. While the web is a certainly place to start, as an artist, your professionalism has to extend beyond your digital presence and to your physical portfolio itself. Frames are the finishing touch for your work, and they can make […]

Pinterest Part II

Pinterest Logo

Now that you’ve taken “Pinterest for Your Small Business”, it’s time to pinpoint your next steps. What are some notable do’s and don’ts? How can you utilize Pinterest as another shopping portal? In this 1.5-hour online class, instructor Julia White will outline all the ways to optimize your Pinterest page, including making post descriptions with […]

Getting Creative with Canva Part I: Design

Canva Logo

Of all the design programs out there, Canva is easily one of our favorites. It’s quick, intuitive, and designed with the average user in mind. If you’ve been looking for easy ways to incorporate graphics into your digital or print presence, this is the class for you! During this 1.5-hour introductory online class, instructor James […]

Seedling to Start Up Series: Information Session

Introduction to the Accelerated Business/Product Development Process: A Roadmap for Business Development Most business development classes encourage participants to focus on writing a business plan. Seedling to Start Up takes a unique approach to business/product development by providing you a roadmap to imagine, test, develop and launch or relaunch your business or product idea. Each week, […]

Looking At Your Google Analytics

Learn How to Read Google Analytics

In the online world, understanding Google Analytics is everything. With the guidance of marketing professional (and WREN Executive Director!) Pam Sullivan, course participants will learn the basic of what Google Analytics is, why it’s important, and how to interpret reports that are vital to your business’ success. Learn how to build a dashboard. Analyze compiled […]

Putting Your Professional Face Forward

Putting Your Professional Face Forward

Sometimes, artists can find it hard to reconcile their need for creative freedom alongside the demands of being a profitable small business owner. How do you put your professional face forward while never losing those elements that make you uniquely YOU? In this online course, participants are invited to join accomplished local artist Rebecca M. […]

iPhone Product Photography

iPhone Photography

We like to think of the iPhone camera as one of the most powerful tools a small business owner can own; with it, you can take photos to fill your online store, show off your social media skills, and capture the interest of new customers like never before. But how to use it best? During […]

Introduction to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

How do you take your photos from “fine” to “fantastic”?  In this introductory 1.5-hour online course, design professional Jill Greenleaf will help you get started in Photoshop with a “from the ground up” approach. Learn how to get Photoshop on your device. Discover the basic layout and tools, as well as useful functions. Resize and crop […]

Pinterest For Your Small Business

Pinterest Logo

Interested in Pinterest? This class is a must! Join marketing professional Julia White, and learn how to create and optimize a Pinterest Business profile, including embracing best practices and showing off your brand and personality in fun, engaging ways. Whether you’ve been wondering how to develop a content strategy, organize your Pinterest board, understand and […]

Excel, Simplified

Excel, Simplified Online Class

Looking for easy ways to streamline your business? Understanding Excel is an absolute must. With a simplified approach to one of your computer’s most powerful programs, instructor Tom Lane is here to help, all online. Learn how to expedite your work and tackle print and web projects. Secure your documents, and implement simple formulas to […]

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

You’ve made the move from a personal Facebook page to a Business Facebook page – now what? It’s time to optimize! During this 1-hour introductory online course, instructor Tom Lane will outline all your optimizing goals, including setting up expanded Facebook messaging options, creating engaging, appropriate images for your profile and all of your posts, […]

A Quick Look at QuickBooks

Quickbooks Desktop

You’ve heard that QuickBooks is a must for you small business, but how do you get started? During this 1.5-hour online course, instructor Deb Loughnane will introduce class participants to the basics of QuickBooks. From entering an invoice and paying bills to setting up a chart of accounts and cutting checks, this course is designed […]